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Graphic design is not art. Art can afford to be ambiguous, its meanings interpreted freely by each person. In graphic design, a graphic designer does not share this artist's luxury. Their final product must elicit a specific reaction, specified by a client, or else it is considered a failure. To ensure a successful result, graphic designers follow a specific graphic design process.

Defining Graphic Design Goals

The first step of the graphic design process is to understand what the client expects from the final product. Working with the client, the graphic designer defines the goal of the graphic design project. Secondly, the graphic designer distinguishes the client's target audience. Variables that need to be considered include the target audience's age, gender, economic status, and interests. Without this information, it is impossible to tailor a final graphic design product congruent with the client's needs.

Graphic Design Specifications

Once the goal of the project has been established, it is necessary to consult with the client regarding the physical specifications of the final graphic design product. Using a poster as an example, the physical specifications would include the product's dimensions, the type of paper used, and the number of prints needed. The graphic designer and client then discuss the project's budget and deadline, as this will affect the amount of time and effort allocated to the graphic design project. All the collected information will then be collated into a graphic design proposal. This proposal is a formal agreement between the client and the graphic designer regarding the graphic design project's goal, physical specifications, budget, and deadline.

Graphic Design Research

Once the graphic designer has an agreed upon a graphic design proposal, the next step is to conduct research that will help create a final solution for the graphic design project. Start by researching the client's business and the industry within which they operate. Look at any relevant examples of graphic design used by the client's competitors. Break down what is effective and not effective about these examples. Outside of the client's industry, look at wider examples of graphic design that have shared the goal and target audience. Again, evaluate what works and what doesn't. This work may seem tedious, but it is important fertilizer for the cultivation of creative ideas.

Brainstorming Graphic Design Ideas

After finishing the research, the next step of the graphic design process is to unleash a whirlwind of wild creativity. Engage in brainstorming sessions during which no idea is rejected. Seek inspiration from a wide variety of sources, such as graphic design books, museum exhibitions, and street art. During this phase, draw rough doodles of any ideas that come along and collect them in a folder or notebook. Do not try to create a final graphic design product based upon the first idea that comes along. Allow the thoughts time to germinate and mature.

Finalizing Graphic Design

Once a wealth of ideas have been created and explored, it is time to finalize them into something more cohesive. Using the graphic design proposal as a guide, comb through the accumulated ideas to pick out elements that suit the graphic design project's goal. Flesh these into presentable drafts, either hand sketched or computer generated. Do not limit to one final solution; create a number of options all suited to meeting the graphic design proposal's stated goal.

The final step of the graphic design process is to present these options to the client. Express to the client that they may mix and match elements of the various proposals. For example, they can choose to combine graphic design elements of one option with the font style of another. Once the client has given their feedback, the graphic designer may need to make alterations to the graphic design proposals. It may take several rounds of presentation and revision before the client is satisfied. Once this is achieved, the graphic design process is finished.

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Rock Bottom Priced Domains offers a variety of graphic design services including: logo design.

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Rock Bottom Priced Domains has two logo design packages to chose from: standard logo and deluxe logo. The standard package provides you with a simple, clean, recognizable logo while the deluxe package provides you with a hand illustrated design.

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