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Web design is the process by which certain content is structured in order to appear in a specific layout on your screen. Basically, web design is how your web page (or website) looks and works. Most web pages can be put in one of two categories. The first of these is a static web page. This means that the content and layout of your page does not change unless you change it. A single HTML page is a good example of static web design. A dynamic web page is one that is able to change due to many different variables such as input, time and the identity of the user.

Web Design Elements

One of the main components of web design is what is known as texture. Some examples of texture could include engraving, staccato and brick. Shapes are a key design tool in web design. The third component in web design is color. While color can add finesse and style to a web page, many designers make the mistake of relying too heavily on color. The last aspect of basic web design is lines. The words you are reading right now are nothing but tiny little lines joined together to form letters. In web design lines are used for many different things including borders to decoration.

Web Design Principles

All good web designs are based on key design principles. These principles include contrast, repetition and emphasis. Contrast in web design is used to accentuate the differences between different elements in a design. An example of contrast would be circles alongside squares and smooth alongside rough texture. Contrast can be used with any of the web design elements in a web page and works well with repetition. Repetition or rhythm is used to instill a sense of order into a particular web design. The human brain is programmed to lock onto any pattern that it can perceive from the input it gets. By creating repetition throughout your web design, you are encouraging an easier learning environment for your readers. Emphasis, which is somewhat similar to repetition, is used to accentuate the main or focus point of the design. Emphasis in web design can be achieved by changing the size and shape of a particular element and using contrast to help the main feature to really stand out.

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Rock Bottom Priced Domains offers a variety of web design services which can help you build a website including: website builder software, WordPress Hosting, and affordable professional web design services.

Website Builder

Rock Bottom Priced Domains has a website builder that allows you to easily build a website using any of our 120 pre-built web design templates.

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If you want more control over your site but don't want to pay for a custom web site, Rock Bottom Priced Domains has WordPress that can be used to create a more custom web site design.

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Web Design Services

Looking for a professionally designed web site? Rock Bottom Priced Domains has professional web design services!

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